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Property Managers

Reliable Electrical Services for Property Managers in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida

The Commercial Services Division at Advanced Electric of North Florida provides electrical services to a number of property maintenance clients throughout Northeast Florida. We are always on-call to ensure prompt electrical installations, electrical repairs or 24/7 emergencies services.

Meeting the Needs of Commercial, Industrial and Residential Facility Managers

Advanced Electric of North Florida offers complete electrical and emergency services to eliminate business down-time or inconvenience for tenants.

Our Property Maintenance Services Include:

Landscape Lighting 

To highlight the great outdoors, we offer numerous LED and incandescent lighting options.

Parking Lot Lighting

We install, repair and maintain existing parking lot lighting as well as retrofit to LED and new pole installation.

Exit Signage

Whether you are changing out lighting fixtures or just bulbs, we can help. If you had your light for at least 3 years, consider upgrading to LED lighting.

Public Area Lighting

New security lighting in these areas is very important and often not as expensive as you might think. Call us for a free evaluation.

Garage Door and Security Power

We work with several companies that specialize in gate operations and we are very familiar with power needs for any installations.    

 Identity or Logo Signage

Whether a pre-wired sign that just needs power, or exterior lights to light up an outdoor sign, we can provide you with several different options and timers.

Service Panels

Upgrade that old panel to a new, safer, and warranted solution.

Interior Lighting

It is important to install lights on the correct boxes for proper support.

Call: 904.744.4446  “You’ll be talking to an Experienced Electrician in less than 10 minutes.”