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Residential Electrical Contracting Services for Jacksonville and Northeast Florida

Below are examples of some of our new residential construction and remodeling electrical services.

If you are in need of a residential service that is not listed below, call our office 904.744.4446 and we will be happy to assist you.

New Construction and Remodels

Following a fire, a loss inspection and evaluation of the property should be conducted as soon as possible.

Advanced Electric of North Florida’s electrical crew will carefully inspect, document, inventory, and provide an estimate of the electrical property damages needing to be corrected before the electric can be turned back on.

A suggestion might be to install a separate subpanel near the kitchen. A modern kitchen can have as many as 10 separate circuits. It would be best to run all that wiring to a nearby subpanel.

For help with evaluating and repairing electrical damage caused by fire please call us at: 904.744.4446

Before your new home is built, it’s important to sit down with an experienced electrical contractor and go over the specific needs of your electrical system.

The first step is planning how everything will fit together. Adding power to your new home is a vital part of the building process.

As the homeowner, it’s important that you understand the electrical usage in your home. Accurately planning your electrical system will eventually determine how much electricity you’ll need to supply to your new home.  It’s important that you take the time to plan a system that will fulfill all of your electrical needs.

A few things you’ll want to consider during the planning stages of your electrical system may include the following:

  • What types of lights are wanted in each room?
  • The number of outlets wanted in every room of the house and where they need to be located.
  • You will need to consider things like home entertainment systems, television hookups, electrical water heaters, security systems and appliances.

All of these factors will determine the amount of power you will need in your home. The first person you should discuss these electrical needs would be your architect or builder. They will be anxious to get a good understanding of your electrical needs during the initial designing phase.

Advanced Electric of North Florida has well trained and experienced technicians to ensure the electrical component in your new home provides what your family actually needs.

For expert help in planning and installing your new home electrical system, please call us at: 904.744.4446

Advanced Electric of North Florida has experienced electrical crews to ensure you and your family has a positive and gratifying experience with any type of outdoor lighting.

Adding outdoor lighting options will enhance the beauty and creates a distinguished outdoor living space to any home.

Built in Lighting
Consider small built-in lights that provide background area lighting to the pergola.  It provides a warm glow without diminishing the ambiance of the atmosphere.

Hanging Lights
Hanging lights provide an exclusive style to your outdoor design.  No matter the size of your area, hanging lights provide brightness while still looking stylish and finished.

Mounted Light Fixtures
Mounted fixtures usually function as guiding lights to the area, but can also provide needed light to almost any outdoor space.

String Lights
Stringing pretty bright white lights throughout the area will create a fun yet comfortable atmosphere.  Stringing lights is one of the more popular ways that designers add lighting to any outdoor structure.

Up Lighting
This style of lighting can be affixed to the bottom of pergola posts and can be installed in either the flooring of the pergola or the ground under the structure.  In most instances, upward lighting is usually soft, dim, and naturally appealing.

For expert help in planning and installing outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty of your home, please call us at: 904.744.4446

As time goes by, your family’s needs will probably change. This may include additional living areas like: living or family rooms, bedrooms, more closet space, extra bathrooms, remodels kitchens and finished outdoor living areas. This is a perfect time to let us help you determine your electrical requirements.

For professional help in planning for the electrical requirement of your remodel, please call us at: 904.744.4446

Adding a sunroom can be a great way to increase the living area for your family. A proper sunroom has an adequate number of electrical outlets to support floor and table lamps, ceiling fans, etc.

Advanced Electric of North Florida has experienced technicians to ensure your room addition is a positive and gratifying experience for you and your family. Call: 904.744.4446

Typical Electrical Services

Circuit breakers are an absolutely essential device in the modern world, and one of the most important safety mechanisms in your home. Whenever electrical wiring in a building has too much current flowing through it, these simple machines cut the power until somebody can fix the problem. Without circuit breakers (or the alternative, fuses), household electricity would be impractical because of the potential for fires and other destruction resulting from simple wiring problems and equipment failures. Circuit breakers and fuses monitor electrical current and how they cut off the power when current levels get too high. The circuit breaker is an incredibly simple solution to a potentially deadly problem.

One important recommendation is to always call a professional electrical contractor to handle these types of issues.

Advanced Electric of North Florida would be able to provide service calls for these types of concerns and provide free estimates if needed.

For help with evaluating and repairing electrical damage caused by fire please call us at: 904.744.4446

Advanced Electric of North Florida can provide professional installation of ceiling fans and ceiling fan light fixtures. It does not matter if the electric already exists in the area for which you need a ceiling fan or if electric needs to be ran to this location.  Our company can assist with this installation in a very timely fashion. 

For help with evaluating and repairing electrical damage caused by fire please call us at: 904.744.4446

An electric vehicle charging station, also called EV charging station, electric recharging point, charging point and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment), are now becoming more and more popular around the nation. You will need an experienced electrician to install these charging stations.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida: 904.744.4446

When the power goes out, having a backup generator to keep the lights and A/C running will insure the comfort and safety of you family during a power outage.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida for a free estimate and to discuss generator options that can fit your budget. Call: 904.744.4446

Advanced Electric of North Florida provides qualified technicians for the installation of circuits and breaker changes for Heat and A/C units. If a breaker trips in the electrical panel, it is highly recommended that a professional electrician inspect it and makes the necessary repairs to correct this problem. This situation could possibly start a fire.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida: 904.744.4446

It was determined through a national survey that homes built before 1972 and wired with copper are less likely to have Fire Hazard conditions than homes wired with aluminum. With this being said, Insurance companies are requiring homes built prior to 1972 be rewired using copper wiring.

The Insurance industry relies heavily on the inspection process to ensure that electrical codes and ordinances are being met and are completed in accordance with the local and state building codes.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida for Electrical Inspections: 904.744.4446

Are some of your 220 volt items like stove, water heater, or A/C not working, or are your lights flickering, getting bright then dim, or going off and coming back on a short time later. These are just a few of the symptoms of problems within your meter can where the JEA glass meter plugs into.

These repairs are the home owner’s responsibility. There are service sizes ranging from old 60 amp services to 400 amp services with meter jaws that have a “meter” plugged into them leaving you no indication that there is a problem. The only way to access the inside of the can to check is to either call JEA or hire a private licensed electrical contractor to pull a permit and open the can to inspect it for needed repairs.

Underground Service:
JEA services fed underground from a pad mount transformer require scheduling between the electrical contractor and JEA, and can be done on an emergency basis but scheduling the day before is the preferred way if possible.

Overhead Services:
JEA services fed overhead on a pole can be done by an electrical contractor after a permit is pulled by contacting JEA to disconnect power at the pole. The City of Jacksonville inspection department will be required to inspect repairs prior to JEA making permanent connections and resealing the meter can, but temporary reconnects can be done by the contractor.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida, we can fix the problem: 904.744.4446

When power has been turned off in a house or a commercial building for any extended period, JEA may require that a “safety inspection” be done by a licensed electrical contractor. This is necessary to protect consumers from hazards of dangerous wiring that could cause electrocution or fire.

When these inspections are done any repairs needed before power can safely be turned back on are required to be done by the licensed contractor and NOT by the home owner and must be completed before the permit can be called in for inspection. After the City of Jacksonville inspector passes the inspection it is electronically sent to JEA as “approved” to turn power on. When requesting this job, please have the real estate number available for us, it is required to be written on the permit application before it can be submitted to the City of Jacksonville Inspection department.

Advanced Electric of North Florida works closely with the inspection department to make sure the process goes a smoothly as possible so you can move in to your new home or business. Call: 904.744.4446

The installation of LED lighting in homes, businesses and commercial properties are providing a quick return on investment and drastically reducing utility costs.

Advanced Electric of North Florida’s commitment to green-build technologies is about saving our environment.  We have made a commitment to promoting and implementing low-cost sustainable products for the homeowner and commercial property owner that meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s LED guidelines.

In some cases the installation of LED fixtures may qualify for federal and/or local energy credits.

Call: Advanced Electric of North Florida for any of your LED Lighting needs: 904.744.4446

Whether you are moving into a new mobile home or moving onto a new lot we can work with JEA to find out whether you need an overhead or underground service.  This service will be required for all new homes.

Call: Advanced Electric of North Florida for any of your Mobile Home Hookup needs: 904.744.4446

We work closely with customers and contractors to install lights, switches, and outlets for your new outdoor kitchen. We locate these items in the most convenient locations that will meet building codes.

Below are a few pictures of some of our recent projects. Feel free to call us to discuss details on timing and schedule of different trades to make this process go smoothly so you can enjoy your new oasis.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida at: 904.744.4446

We work with several lighting companies in Jacksonville to give customers a wide variety of outdoor lighting options to choose from.  Call us to set up an appointment with one our estimators to visit your site.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida for any Outdoor Lighting needs: 904.744.4446

To keep wires from showing down the wall when you get your new wall mount TV, call us to have a new outlet installed behind the TV with wiring run inside the wall for both power, co-ax cable, and HDMI cables.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida: 904.744.4446

The main breaker panel is the most important part of having a safe electric system in your home or business. Having a service size of 150 or 200 amps could be adequate for most houses but depending on the age of the panel, the technology has changed leaving old outdated panels unreliable and at times a hazard. Replacing your panel box can save equipment that could otherwise be damaged if the breaker does not trip at the proper point. This unfortunately happens in older panels and can cause damage to equipment that may not be covered under your new equipment warranty.

If your panel box was installed prior to 1980, we recommend you have it checked to make sure it is in safe condition and not in need of replacement. You can find the brand name of your panel on the bottom of most panel schedules inside the panel cover.

Service upgrades

Most houses built prior to 1980, have services that are not code compliant in today’s world. Older services are under sized for today heat and a/c needs as well as modern day appliances we use on a day to day basis. Also they have no disconnecting means on the exterior of the buildings meaning that if there is a fire or any other problem with the electric on the inside of your house that power can’t be shut off to the house from the outside leaving our Fire departments with no quick way to disconnect power to fight a fire and may have to wait on the utility company to disconnect it a the pole or transformer before they can do their job, possibly causing more extensive damage or a total loss. New service upgrades have meter/disconnect combination device on the outside of your house with no wiring inside before it is protected by a circuit breaker.  This job includes new service wire to JEA point of connection, new ground outside at meter can, and new service cable into the house with a new panel box with all new branch circuit breakers.

For help with evaluating and repairing electrical damage caused by fire please call us at: 904.744.4446

Advanced Electric of North Florida Commercial Division maintains a number of property maintenance clients. We are on-call to ensure that any facility’s electrical and security services are working well. For facility managers in commercial and industrial building and complexes, or management companies operating apartment, condo and townhome projects, Advanced Electric of North Florida maintains all of the electrical systems so there is never any business down-time or inconvenience for tenants.

Our property maintenance services include:

  • Landscape lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Public area/hallways/foyer/egress lighting.
  • Exit signs
  • Garage door and security fence gate power
  • Identity/logo signage
  • Service panels
  • Common laundries
  • Game room/pool lighting

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida: 904.744.4446

Our installation and service of irrigation pumps, fountain pumps, or water pumps for your home or business will get you up and running in no time.  Call and speak to one of our estimators about what you need.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida – We Can Help: 904.744.4446

We have many great options for recess lights.  whether you want to light up a piece of art or provide area lighting…we can help.  Call our office today to set up a free estimate.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida – We Can Help: 904.744.4446

Smoke detectors are your first line of defense for notifying you of a fire in your house. If you have ones that are making a chirping noise they may need new batteries. If you have replaced the batteries and the noise continues the smoke detector needs to be replaced. If you do not have electric smoke detectors with battery backup you should consider getting this done. You should have them in your bedrooms, hallways, living room, and family room.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida for expert installation: 904.744.4446

Advanced Electric of North Florida works with several Jacksonville pool and spa companies to provide a cost effective and code complainant electrical job for home owners looking to invest in a Pool or Spa. There are many safety concerns for you to consider when wiring for these and all home owners should hire a licensed electrical contractor to perform this type of job.

We provide free estimates for these types of jobs to ensure all aspects of the job are covered from electrical requirements for your equipment to aesthetics and practicality of what is installed. Call and schedule for your free estimate today.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida for expert Circuit installation: 904.744.4446

Why GFCI Protection?

A GFCI constantly monitors the flow of current through a protected lighting fixture, pump motor or appliance circuit and senses any loss of current to an outside path. If the current flowing into an electrical appliance or fixture differs by a very small amount from what flows back out, the GFCI instantly interrupts the current flow to prevent a sustained, lethal level of electricity from reaching the consumer. The consumer may feel a painful shock but should be protected from electrocution.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires GFCI protection for cord- and plug-connected pumps on pools, spas, and hot tubs; 120-volt underwater lighting fixtures; and receptacle outlets in the vicinity of pools, spas and hot tubs. Today, the code prohibits electrical installations closer than five feet from water and requires GFCI protection for all electrical equipment, including 240-volt equipment located five to 10 feet from the water and for receptacles within a 20-foot perimeter.

For help with evaluating and repairing electrical damage caused by fire please call us at: 904.744.4446

Storm season is one of the few challenges of living in beautiful Florida. Lightning can cause some uneasy moments for us, as we hope that we are lucky enough to not lose a TV, A/C unit, or other household appliances during a storm.

Although nothing provides 100% protection against lightning strikes, we can take some precautions to protect our homes. Most home owners know about the point of use plug strips for TV’s, but are you knowledgeable about “JOULE” ratings of these devices? Most consumers do not. The simple answer is that a joule measures energy absorption. The higher rating in joules a device measures, the better the device is thought to be. With regards to surge protection, when the Joules rating is high, the surge protector is capable of handling a larger surge in a single event before it needs replacing.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida for expert Surge Protection: 904.744.4446

Depending on when your house was built the quality of outlet devices used can vary. Older homes have 2-prong devices and after years and years of being plugged into and unplugged outlets can get loose causing cords to droop when items are plugged in to them. This can cause a loose connection and burn up the cord on your item you are plugging in to the outlet and even burn the outlets up and attached wiring. There are certain code requirements that have to be considered before you change these devices, licensed electrical contractors know these and should be used for this type of job for you and your family’s safety.

The switches in your house are used more than any other item and can get worn out after years of use. There are many kinds of switches, single pole, 2-poles, 3-ways, and 4-ways. Not to mention colors and styles. Below are a few styles you can choose from if you are looking to replace devices in your house. Most switches are available in white, ivory, brown, black, and grey. Also dimmers can replace most switches for operation of recess lights and chandeliers as well as many other lights.

Call Advanced Electric of North Florida: 904.744.4446